Digital Scanning: The New Way Forward to Dental Crowns & Bridges

Give your patients a better start with digital impressions

As you know, most people hate the ordinary dental impression. Impression trays have their own limits – it is bulky to wear and people with a gag reflex find it hard to bear it. Your patients will have a hard time keeping their jaws still with an ordinary impression tray as it takes longer to set properly. The good news is that there is modern tech to deal with common dental problems. Try out our new-age laser cutting edge technology for taking digital impressions with our intraoral scanner. Induce digital impression as part of your treatment and offer a precise and better service to your patients.


Intraoral Scanner — The Key Tech to Ensure Better Services For Your Patients

Install our intraoral scanner in your clinic to capture High-Definition photos inside your patient’s mouth. It gives you the ability to explain dental problems to patients with the help of a screen display. The on-screen images can even be magnified to assess the underlying problem and treat your patient efficiently. Apart from that, it helps dentists to cast digital impressions for constructing crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, and onlays.


Why Are Dental Impressions A Better Choice For You?

Digital Impressions can capture high-quality photographs each second and can help you create precise impression data for your patients. What else you need, when you have the latest technology to treat your patients effectively? Using a digital scanner to store impressions can make your job way easy and comfortable. It just takes minutes to produce an array of accurate digital impressions. The question arises here, how does it execute all of that? The simple answer is by transferring the stored impression data to a connected computer and let you view instant images in minutes. Dentists can then cross-check if the digital impression is flawless. The magnified images help you detect any imperfections right away. You can also check to ensure if there is space left to carry out new restoration or adjust your tooth preparation. The traditional impression tray fails to give such accurate data. So, it is better to go for a digital scanning process to preserve your patient’s tooth structure with ease.


Dentists can even mail their patient data to a dental laboratory to create precision fitting restorations. The process is quick and offers exceptional ability to offer speedy dental services.

The Upside of Using a Digital Impression!

Digital Impression casts a good impression on your patients. Your patients will always walk out happily from your clinic. Let’s take a closer look at more such gains.

  • It offers a fast and accurate process for your patients. Plus, they help dentists to eliminate any inaccuracies caused by fit or colour there itself to avoid remakes and repeat.
  • Using digital impression offers high quality and accurate restorations. Use the latest CADCAMtechnology to promise accurate fit of new crowns, bridges, or inlays to your patients.
  • These are eco-friendly practices and can store digital impressions indefinitely. Plus, it generates lesser waste as it avoids the usage of plastic or impression materials.



The Dental Tip: Using digital impressions promises an efficient process to carry out dental treatments. You can easily access previous scans and share them with a dentist or a specialist. That’s the fun of using a digital impression for your dental clinic. Not everyone will offer digital dental impressions to you. Grab our exceptional service to give a more pleasant experience to your patients. Get ready to see your clinic gain traction within weeks.

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