IPS E-max CAD/CAM | An Innovative Glass Ceramic System Offers Best-In-Class Strength and Versatility

IPS E-max CAD/CAM | An Innovative Glass Ceramic System Offers Best-In-Class Strength and Versatility

Posted Nov. 22, 2022 by Haresh Savani

But, today a lot of people still live in that unimaginable state because of the loss of their natural teeth and every second living in a lack of confidence thinking, “How will the world react if they smile without teeth?”

That’s the dark side of the happy world projected around us. While also, the guiding force the Advance Dental Export to restore the smile and confidence by providing world-class esthetic restorations at competitive prices and so far we are on the right track

Today we will elaborate on our engineering marvel IPS E.max CAD/CAM – the microstructure consists of lithium-disilicate pressed glass-ceramic. Blocks are pressed in a partially crystalline state (called the blue state). Partially crystallized IPS E.max CAD consists of 40% lithium metasilicate crystals (Li2 SiO3 ), which are embedded in a glassy phase.

The grain size of the platelet-shaped crystals is in the range of 0.2 to 1.0 µm. End-crystallized IPS e.max CAD/CAM (fired at 850°C for about 20 – 30 mins) consists of approx. 70% fine-grain lithium disilicate crystals (Li2 Si2O5 ).

 Now we will focus more on the key highlights of the IPS E.max CAD/CAM 

  • Impression technique – Digital or traditional

  • Material – Ivoclar Vivadent™ e.max lithium disilicate

  • Indications: Full mouth, crowns, inlays/on-lays, veneers

  • Recommended use – Full mouth, crowns, inlays/on-lays, veneers

  • Margins – Chamfer or shoulder

  • Cementation – Conventional cementation or adhesively bonded

  • Etch – Hydrofluoric acid

  • Recommended adhesive – Ivoclar Vivadent

  • Turnaround time – 6 lab days

  • Method of manufacture – Waxed & pressed by hand or CAD/CAM

  • Aesthetics – 5 STAR

  • Shades/coloring – Customised shading

  • Strength – 4 STAR

  • Add-on options – N/A

  • Benefits – Premium aesthetics, metal-free

  • Warranty – 5 years

  • Popularity – 5 STAR

  • Strength – 450 ± 400 MPa

In the era of telemedicine and consultancy on demand, the Dental industry has also stepped towards a modern era with the invention of Digital Dentistry with the use of Computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software to design the best dental lab services, superior customer service, and efficient manufacturing on demand. We support all major CAD/CAM Digital Scanners including Cerec Connect, 3Shape, iTero, 3M ESPE, Carestream, and more.

We hope you have, by now, understood the technical superiorities of IPS E.max CAD/CAM. They form an excellent base for natural-looking aesthetic restorations from glass-ceramic which is no doubt one of the best available restorations today. In the soft state, the material looks a little “bluish” and shows a strength of up to 160 Mpa while once ready for transplant its strength reaches up to ±450 Mpa.

In case you are still confused with the material selection or dental implant-related phobia, we recommend visiting the nearby certified dentist right now and with proper consultation take the right decision.

Stay tuned, in the upcoming write-up we are going to cover the ins and outs of AD- abutments. Till then take care of your precious smile.

Haresh Savani
Published by Haresh Savani

As an accomplished founder and CEO, seasoned digital dental technician, experienced ceramist, and a guide to thousands of budding professionals, my vision is to bring a dental renaissance to the global canvas.

For the past 20 years, we have toiled and carved our path to becoming a leading dental lab for providing the latest products, innovative materials, and state-of-the-art digital technology.

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