Zolid Zirconia – The #1 Dental Esthetic Solution For Your Clinical Practice – Advance Dental Export

Zolid Zirconia – The #1 Dental Esthetic Solution For Your Clinical Practice – Advance Dental Export

Posted Nov. 9, 2022 by Haresh Savani

Dental zirconia has paved an advanced way for dental restorations. The material is super translucent and offers better material for indirect dental restorations. Well, Zirconia discs cost a reasonable price and demand less labor than any other material manufactured in a laboratory.

Advanced Dental Export offers Zirconia-induced restorations that resemble the translucency of natural teeth. Zolid Zirconia, made by Amann Girrbach, offers the latest addition to the end-to-end laboratory product line.

The Zolid FX esthetic product comes in 3 variants. Let’s check them out.

1. Zolid FX white

It is a high-grade translucent zirconia blank that is mainly used for monolithic anterior restorations. The high-performance ceramic is a blend of zirconia processing features and high translucency. It offers an amazing esthetic restoration with everlasting strength and stability.

These restorations are processed and arranged intraorally with no additional costs.


  • Promises great esthetic results both in the anterior and posterior regions.

  • Gives high bending capability when compared to glass ceramics

  • Simple to use and offers longevity

2. Zolid FX Multilayer

This is a polychromatic material with superior translucent zirconia that offers better shade and gradient. It offers smooth shade transitions that naturally stimulate tooth enamel and dentine and cervical shades with no scope of unruly shade edges.

The tooth-like pre-shading enables reliable and economical processing with no involvement of the staining process.


  • Gives natural esthetics and regular gradient shades.

  • Comes with a clever holder that allows the addition of multiple tooth shades.

  • Accurate specifics match with VITA shades

  • Economical lab solution

3. Zolid FX Preshades

It can handle anterior restorations for 3-unit bridges in the molar area. It is easy to sinter after the initial milling process. Zolid FX Preshades comes with multiple shade gradations and ensures greater stability.

The process is fast, reliable and cost-effective.


  • Matches high-efficiency demands and superior esthetics

  • Comes with high bending strength that is enough to fabricate 3-unit bridges

  • Easy to use and is a time-savvy process

Why Choose Zolid Zirconia?

Zolid Zirconia is an all-rounder in terms of 360 utility. The material can be used for every possible indication, thanks to its power and unusual translucency.

  • Best Choice: Reduces the complexity of choosing the right material

  • Naturally beautiful: The flexible colour and translucency gradient is a great replacement to a natural tooth.

  • Maximum flexibility: Any type of indication can be possible as it boasts a powerful bending in the molar regions.

  • New species: Zolid Zirconia combines new properties with all the Zolid HT+ family’s proven benefits in a single product.

  • Perfect Handling: Perfectly matched to the dental milling process without making any compromises.

  • Standard Sintering Cycle: Sintering in the Zolid DNA workflow at 1450°C/2 h

  • Easy Fabrication: Easy finalization with 16 A-D VITA shades and Ceramill Stain & Glaze

Optimizes Your Workflow

Zolid Zirconia is easy to assimilate into the laboratory work discipline. It covers milling processes, sintering sequence workflow, and easy assembling with VITA shades. In short, it is a great help to streamline the fabrication process for the laboratory.

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