Haresh Savani - (K.L.E. Belgaum)

CEO – Founder

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Advance Dental Export, often referred to as 'ADE', stands as a premier dental lab with a forte in dental implant prothesis, cosmetic dentistry, and the nuances of digital dentistry. Established in 2009 by our visionary CEO, Haresh Savani, our singular mission has been to craft top-tier dental implant prothesis, emphasizing durability and impeccable aesthetics. We take immense pride in producing 100% of our dental implant products in-house at ADE, ensuring swift delivery coupled with minimal adjustments and remakes. Over the past 8 years, our unwavering commitment to merging stunning aesthetics with long-term resilience has stemmed from recognizing the universal desire for a radiant and healthy smile. We share a collective goal with our partnered dentists: to rejuvenate the health and charm in every patient's smile.

We are growing with the digital revolution in the dental industry, known as Digital Dentistry, to provide the best dental lab services, superior customer service and efficient manufacturing for fast turnaround times that you would expect from a State-of-the-Art Dental Lab. Digital Dentistry is increasingly becoming the new standard in modern dental care because of how accurate, predictable, and cost efficient the technology has made the production of dental prosthetics. By utilizing Dental CAD/CAM Digital Systems, our doctors are able to digitally scan the patient’s prepped section and instantly send the 3D image to our lab for immediate production that cuts costs in labor and delivery. Digital dentistry allows us to virtually design and mill the prosthetic with utmost precision and sensitivity to esthetics. We support all major CAD/CAM Digital Scanners including Cerec Connect, 3Shape, iTero, 3M ESPE, Carestream and more. We are one of the only laboratories in the industry to guarantee all restorations completed using all Authentic Implant Manufacturer’s Hardware and Custom CAD/CAM Abutments. This protects the Warranty of the Implant you are restoring.




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