Advanced Aligners

Advanced Aligners

Advanced Aligners Clear Orthodontic Aligners

Advanced Aligners, with the guidance and instruction of an orthodontist or dentist, applies an orthodontic treatment solution that moves teeth with a series of aligners. Advanced Aligners are the best alternative to metal braces for adults and teens, dental conditions permitting. They arevirtually unnoticeable and the easiest way to improve a patient’s smile.

  1. Advanced Aligners are manufactured through a leading dental facility located in Southern Africa.
  2. Local support and production ensures competitive pricing and faster turnaround times.
  3. Advanced Aligners Clear Orthodontic Aligners are comparable to all imported clear aligner brands.
  4. Advanced Aligners are only made available via Dental Professionals.


Advanced Aligners Clear Aligners are virtually invisible to the naked eye and conceal the fact that patients are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Advanced Aligners materials are highly stainresistant and with the correct oral hygiene routine in place they should not discolour.



Advanced Aligners Clear Aligners ca n be removed for short periods of time without affecting the treatment process. This is especially beneficial when eating, brushing or flossing. Patients can easily maintain their normal hygiene routine and aligner cleaning products are also available.



Treatment with Advanced Aligners is almost completely painless because it uses very small amountsof pressure to gently and progressively correct dental misalignment. KRSTL applies optimal finish-lines and there are no wires required, making them more comfortable and easier to use.


Advanced Aligners Aligners are more affordable than imported brands and payment options are available. This means Advanced Aligners is a costeffective orthodontic treatment available to people wanting to correct crooked teeth or malocclusions.


Fewer Dental Appointments

The position of the teeth can be predicted through a sequence of movements. This means that the orthodontic treatment is PRE-PLANNED and the final outcome is known upfront before treatment has even started.


Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments which require upfront payments without knowing the end results, Advanced Aligners Clear Aligners allows the patient to view the final anticipated smile before treatment has started.


A new generation of thermoplastics engineered speci cally for clear aligners and retainers


High Strength and High Flexibility

The ability to provide both high strength (for fracture resistance) and high exibility (for comfortable tooth movement) is one of the key advantagesof the Advance aligner and retainer materials. In many materials, if you increase exibility, you risk losing strength. Advance aligner material of choice delivers both strength and exibility at the same time.

Ultra-Low Water Absorption

The Advance aligner and retainer materials have ultra-low water absorption – measured at just 0.14% in 24 hours – which helps them stay clear and odour free in the mouth.

More Continuous Force

All clear aligners lose strength over the time that they are worn in the mouth. If the strength at which they push against the teeth starts too low or changes too rapidly, then it makes it very di cult to get e ective, predictable tooth movement. Advance Aligner material of choice applies a more continuous, e ective force over time, helping you achieve more predictable tooth movement:

BPA-Free, Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free, and Gluten-Free

Advance aligner and retainer materials are engineered with patient health and safety in mind.

Dual, Protective Lamination

The Advance aligner and retainer materials come with a super-thin, protective lamination on both sides. These protective layers are designed to stay in place throughout the thermoforming process. They help protect the aligner or retainer from absorbing potentially nasty chemicals from the printed models and from dust or other debris that could reduce the clarity of the nished aligner or retainer. They also provide a generally higher level of sanitation to the nished aligner or retainer – some dentists even deliver the aligners or retainers to patients with these protective layers still in place.

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