Advance Dental Export

What Is Covered?
Repair or Replacement Of Your Dental Prosthesis.

What Is Not Covered?
1. Cash Refund For Prosthesis.
2. Cost Incurred For Removal or Insertion.
3. Repairs Resulting From Accident, Neglect, Abuse, Failure Of the Supportive
tooth or tissue structure, Improper Dental Hygiene or Improper adjustments.
4. Incidental or Consequential Damages, Including but not Limited to, Inconvenience, lost wages, chair-time or pain & suffering.
5. Shipping Cost For Repair.
6. Dental Fees Repair & Replacement Of Prosthesis.

Conditions To Be Met For Warranty To Apply*
1. Prosthesis Must ne Inserted by Licensed, Practicing Dentist.
2. Prothesis Must be Return With Old Model And New Impression (Without Change in Tooth Preparation) or remark Prosthesis

Subject to Surat Court’s Jurisdiction Only.
*Terms & Condition of Warrant are Subject to Change Without Notice.`