NobelProcera Solution

NobelProcera Solution

No one knows industrially produced CAD/CAM dental prosthetics like we do. Nobel Biocare was the first to produce dental restorations in this way. Over 30 years and more than 11 million units later, NobelProcera remains a leader in the precision engineering and manufacturing of dental prosthetics.

We continue to offer innovative products designed to benefit both clinicians and labs, such as NobelProcera Crowns, Bridges, Abutments and Implant Bars. Our high-translucency multilayered full-contour zirconia solutions offer both exceptional esthetics and strength, while our angulated screw channel solutions provide optimized occlusal access and esthetics. Labs can save time with efficient workflows and ready-to-use products.

Build a reputation with your restorations – precision-engineered components can help you avoid risks that can lead to implant failure, while high-quality materials offer esthetic results that customers will be proud to recommend.

NobelProcera Crowns and Bridges

  • Single-unit full-contour crowns and bridges from two to five units.
  • Combines strength and esthetics.
  • Multilayered full-contour zirconia in six shades.
  • Cementation on teeth or abutments.


NobelProcera Abutments and Implant Crowns

  • Abutments available in zirconia or titanium.
  • Implant crowns available in full-contour zirconia.
  • Choice between screw- and cement-retained.
  • The angulated screw channel solution provides restorative flexibility.


NobelProcera Implant Bridges

  • Available in multilayered full-contour zirconia from two to five units.
  • Available in zirconia from two to fourteen units.
  • Restore on Nobel Biocare implants, on Multi-unit Abutments or a combination thereof.
  • The angulated screw channel solution provides restorative flexibility.


NobelProcera Implant Bars

  • Offer solutions that provide stability and comfort for patients.
  • Broad range of fixed and fixed-removable implant bars for a wide variety of clinical situations.
  • Implant bars are available on Nobel Biocare and third party implants, on Multi-unit Abutments or a combination thereof.
  • You can also choose from a wide range of attachments.

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