AD- abutments are custom engineered to best meet each patient’s case needs. ADE uses the most advanced design and milling technologies to deliver the most precise fits available. ADE has developed the technology in order to deliver abutments that are compatible with most major implant platforms. Great care is taken with design decisions to facilitate ideal emergence and contours in order to create an optimized soft-tissue contour and esthetic’s. Our confidence in the quality of AD- abutments is backed by a 7-year limited warranty.

ADE offers two types of custom implant abutments for cementable restorations: Titanium or Zirconia w/Ti Base. This attention to design details ensures easy delivery of the final restoration and ideal cosmetic results.

Screw Retained crown and bridges

Product Description

Advance dental export offers three distinct options within the screw-retained category of implant restorations:

  1. Porcelain fused to cad/cam Co/Cr
  2. Screw Retained Zirconia (with ti base), and
  3. Traditional Porcelain Fused to Cast UCLA abutments

Screw Retained – Porcelain fused to Co/Cr

Screw Retained – Porcelain fused to Co/Cr Restorations are a unique class of restoration. Due to the advanced cad/cam systems required to accurately fabricate Co/Cr restorations, less than 5 % labs can offer it.  Co/Cr screw-retained units provide unmatched precision and strength, with accuracy to 30 microns. Layered porcelain is applied to the Co/Cr abutments and is an excellent solution for single units as well as multi-unit restorations, up to full arch cases.

Zirconia Restorations

Screw Retained Zirconia Restorations provide the most natural appearance and are most often used in the anterior region where maximum esthetics is desired. They can be either monolithic or layered depending on the case goals. Advance dental export combines every zirconia restoration with a titanium interface that ensures an accurate interface with implant base and the best platform to properly torque the abutment to the implant.

Cast UCLA Restorations

This time-tested restoration is made from the implant-manufactured original parts and can be cast in non-precious alloys. Once the abutment is waxed, cast, and finished ADE’s expert ceramists apply feldspathic porcelain as only a true craftsman can.

Hybrid Restorations

  • Screw-retained hybrids offer a very cost-effective fixed-prosthesis option

  • Comprised of a cast of milled metal substructure layered with pink acrylic to retain acrylic denture teeth

  • Some degree of lost tissue replacement is possible

  • Implant positioning and angles must be favourable or angled abutments can be used to “correct” the angle so that screw access holes are in lingual or palatal or occlusal position

  • These restorations are readily retrievable and also easily repaired

  • To facilitate good patient care and plaque control, careful design is important


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