Zir-Icon HT Layered (e-max)

Zir-Icon HT Layered (e-max)

Advance dental export is proud to offer zir-icon crowns and bridges. An exceptional alternative to porcelain fused to noble alloy restorations, zir-icon is manufactured entirely in our laboratory using our CAD/CAM system and highly esthetic layering techniques.

All zir-icon restorations are milled from the finest zirconia materials available.

CAD/CAM milled zirconia framework

  1. 5-day in-house processing
  2. Proven strength and durability
  3. Stable unit pricing
  4. Conventional cementation

Other Zirconia Options

  1. Maryland Bridges
  2. Inlay Retained Bridges
  3. Onlays
  4. Custom Implants & Abutments

Zir-icon monolithic carries a 15-year Warranty against breakage

  1. Ideal for posterior crowns and bridges
  2. Esthetic bruxism option to full metal crowns and bridges
  3. High degree of CAD/CAM precision
  4. High-strength translucent zirconia
  5. 5-day in-house processing
  6. Conventional cementation

ZIR-ICON Warranty

Credit Policy

All accounts are due and payable by the 15th of each month. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% annually) will be applied to any unpaid balance. Outstanding balances beyond 90 days will warrant COD charges. Any credit balance on a ZIR-ICON account must be used for lab services within 60 days from the date of issue or it expires.

Zir-Icon Warranty

The warranty is from the delivery date. This warranty is in lieu of all warranties, whether expressed or implied, and may not be modified by an agent, employee, or by any representative of zir-icon.

What is covered?

Repair or replacement of the prosthesis.

What is not covered?

  1. Cash refund for a prosthesis.
  2. The cost incurred for removal or insertion.
  3. Repairs resulting from accident, neglect, abuse, failure of the supportive tooth or tissue structures, improper dental hygiene, or improper adjustments.
  4. changes to the original prescription such as design, materials, and shades.
  5. ZIR-ICON inquired about the die, margin, or impression. However, the dentist approved and requested the completion of the case.
  6. ZIR-ICON requested a try-in, but the dentist declined and asked for a complete case.
  7. The teeth are re-prepared.
  8. There is a shade or product change different from the original request.
  9. The case was canceled after fabrication was initiated. Fabrication starts the day ZIR-ICON receives the case. The case will remain billed at full cost.

Incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, inconvenience, lost wages, chair time or pain, and suffering., partially or completely fabricated by any laboratory other than zir-icon authorized laboratory(advance dental export, and American dental design inc in united stats )

Conditions To Be Met For Warranty To Apply (Valid only in India)

  1. The prosthesis must be inserted by a licensed, practicing dentist.
  2. The patient must adhere to semi-annual dental maintenance (cleaning and exam program in the office of a licensed and practicing dentist.)
  3. The prosthetic must be returned with a new impression(Without any changes in tooth preparation) and Rx in order for credit to be issued.
  4. The account must be current.


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