Importance of CNC Milling Technology in Dental Lab Procedure For Implants – Advance Dental Export

The success behind any dental implant is a high-performing dental lab that has a full-scale CNC milling technology at play. Dentists often look for restorative implant’s solutions to other dental labs for dental fabrication. So, why not choose a prominent lab that gives you quick & hi-tech implant service at an affordable cost? Advanced Dental Continue Reading

Zolid Zirconia – The #1 Dental Esthetic Solution For Your Clinical Practice – Advance Dental Export

Dental zirconia has paved an advanced way for dental restorations. The material is super translucent and offers better material for indirect dental restorations. Well, Zirconia discs cost a reasonable price and demand less labour than any other material manufactured in a laboratory. Advanced Dental Export offers Zirconia induced restorations that resemble the translucency of natural Continue Reading

Role of Additive Manufacturing process in Dentistry – Advance Dental Export

The evolution of additive manufacturing (AM) has changed the dynamics of dentistry and orthodontics. It has enabled the custom-made production of dental implants and related dental tools using computer-powered designs. What’s more is the use of AM processes like material jetting, vat polymerization, and material extrusion in the field of orthodontics. Additive manufacturing (AM) or Continue Reading

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFMs) Signature® Restoration By Advance Dental Export

Welcome Back! Advance Dental Export, a pioneer in dental prosthetics & CAD/CAM powered state of the art dental laboratory, is pleased to you again. In this write-up, we will elaborate on porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFMs) Signature plus a dental restoration. And before taking much or your precious time we would like to directly come to the point. Continue Reading