The Revolution of Dental Crowns: Embracing Monolithic Zirconia Over PFM

The Revolution of Dental Crowns: Embracing Monolithic Zirconia Over PFM

Posted Oct. 9, 2023 by Haresh Savani

The Revolution of Dental Crowns: Embracing Monolithic Zirconia Over PFM

We stand at a significant juncture in the history of restorative dentistry, observing a paradigm shift from traditional Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) to the adoption of Monolithic Zirconia crowns

This evolution represents a continuous quest for enhanced durability, aesthetic appeal, and the overall health of dental solutions.

A Comprehensive Review of Past Choices

We acknowledge that since the 1950s, PFMs have marked their significant presence in the dental realm. Their dual-material constitution presented a harmonious blend of durability and aesthetics. 

Nevertheless, the dawn of Monolithic Zirconia in 2009 revolutionized restorative options, highlighting the crucial limitations and frequent breakages associated with PFMs, casting them in a progressively unfavorable light.

The Inception of Monolithic Zirconia

We observe that the advent of BruxZir® Full-Strength Zirconia substantially altered the restorative landscape. Initially met with skepticism, clinical validation over the years has unarguably demonstrated the superior strength and diminished wear compared to PFM, confirming the outstanding resilience of BruxZir Zirconia.

Addressing the Concerns

We understand that in the early stages, practitioners displayed apprehension regarding zirconia's robust nature, fearing potential adverse effects on natural dentition. With comprehensive studies and time, these concerns have been assuaged, showcasing the evident merits of Zirconia over traditional PFM.

Monolithic Zirconia's Ascendancy

We delve into the intrinsic attributes of zirconia to unearth the secrets behind its growing popularity. Synthesized from zirconium oxide, zirconia crowns stand unrivaled in terms of strength, providing a formidable flexural strength exceeding 1,000 MPa. This exceptional robustness, coupled with its aesthetic appeal, positions it as a recurrent prescription for a spectrum of dental restorations.

The Advent of BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia

We highlight the introduction of BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia in 2018, a remarkable addition enhancing both performance and beauty, further solidifying zirconia's place in dental restoration. Its impeccable lifelike translucency and impressive flexural strength of over 900 MPa underline its accelerated adoption for anterior cases.

Contemplating the Continued Existence of PFM

We recognize that despite zirconia's rising reign, PFMs maintain their niche presence, specifically in scenarios demanding substantial durability in compact areas. In such cases, PFM options like Obsidian® Fused to Metal stand as a robust choice, underscoring the need for a tailored approach to dental restoration.

Conclusive Reflections

We ardently advocate for the judicious choice of restorative material, underscoring the evident superiority of zirconia crowns for a balance of strength and aesthetics. 

Despite the contextual utility of PFM, the future reverberates with the robust echo of zirconia, signaling a new era of dental restoration replete with durability, beauty, and unmatched performance. 

We remain committed to promoting advancements in dental solutions, ensuring optimal choices for patient care, and heralding a future characterized by innovation, excellence, and the continual enhancement of dental health and aesthetics.

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