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The evolution of additive manufacturing (AM) has changed the dynamics of dentistry and orthodontics. It has enabled the custom-made production of dental implants and related dental tools using computer-powered designs. What’s more is the use of AM processes like material jetting, vat polymerization, and material extrusion in the field of orthodontics.

Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing is a perfect fit in dentistry. Why is it so? The Strength of 3D printing lies in carving out high-resolution and one-of-a-kind objects. That makes it a natural fit for producing customized crowns, implants, dentures, and appliances.

The technology is in high-demand as it can make dental crowns, and devices at lesser time and cost. With the disruptive innovation on the rise, dental implants are designed accurately as per the patient’s needs.

It would surprise you AM makes it possible to capture a contactless 3D scan of a patient’s mouth. That gives it a great start to fabricate crowns, bridges, and dentures for patients.


How does it work?

AM process works with a virtual image taken by a 3D scanner and then produces unique products by applying an array of AM technologies. It very well tackles the complex challenges of medical science and dentistry sciences to offer better outcomes for dental patients.

The two most popular technology at work in dentistry are stereolithography (SLA) used for aligner fabrication and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) for churning out the top-quality metal dental crown and device frames.

AM Mechanism

Earlier, implant surgeries were performed mainly by hand. Dentists used to scan the patient’s jaw with imagination which was not much accurate.

After additive manufacturing came to light, it offered a pinpoint location to drill. Not only it improved the accuracy of surgery, but it also gave a comfortable fit to the patient’s mouth. AM technology is easily accessible than ever before.

It provides better health care and gives vital information for better diagnosis and treatment to patients. AM has helped patients get better outcomes even in cases of complex surgery.

Which is the best available company for dental implants?


As a dentist, you should look for a high-grade machine to offer better dental cures for your patients.

The TruPrint 1000 comes with all relevant laser technologies for additive manufacturing. It is a fast-working 3D printing machine produced by TRUMPF that promises higher productivity.

You can create dental components in any geometric shape of your choice. It can turn complex shapes into 3D metallic parts with ease.

•             TruPrint 1000 promises an easy installation, ergonomic handling, and intuitive touchscreen.

•             It integrates the recoating system with powder coating and laser exposure at high process speed.

•             Offers productivity of up to 80% with multilaser option

•             Easy operability and monitoring with the TruPrint app

Grab the fast machines for your clinic that barely leaves any processing time for your metallic component needs.

Advantages of AM in dentistry

Additive manufacturing promises comfortable treatment at a lesser cost. The technology is pivotal to produce complex dental implant shapes with exact dimensions. Plus, it reduces inventory costs by storing it in digital form.

Here are the notable benefits for dentists:

•             Rapid and accurate service

•             Cost-effective

•             Offers tailored designer implants

•             Reduces physical model needs with digital storage

•             Fits to any custom design

Dentists can now use a mix of materials for prosthodontics like ceramics and metal alloys for patients.

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