What are the digital technologies available with ADE? 

Intraoral scanning- 

 3D scanning is the first step of a digital workflow. It simply digitizes the patient’s mouth to a format the computer can recognize for further processing. It is usually in STL file formats. The tip of the intraoral scanner is enabled to capture 3D data of the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. The scanner can take anywhere from 10 to 25 pictures per second. The computer software then receives these images, puts them together and creates a 3-D image of the entire arch. A digital design is then created for 3D printing of restorations.

Our lab is equipped to work with all the scanners in the market like iTero® Element™, CEREC®, TRIOS® (3Shape), Planmeca PlanScan®, Carestream® CS 3500, 3M™ True Definition scanners, etc. 

Sending us the intraoral files is beneficial for your practice as it saves time and shipping costs.

Ultimate smile designing-

Our unique smile-designing service uses digital dental tools to enhance the practitioner’s diagnostic vision predictability and success of the treatment plan. It allows effective communication between the lab and the dental office. The exocad software helps to match tooth form, shapes, and size from the existing library with your patient’s smile. It allows the clinicians to quickly glimpse the final beautiful smiles. 

Digital Implant Workflow-

Whether a single tooth replacement or a full mouth implant case; our digital implant workflow can transform your surgeries. Our precise digital scanning after healing helps to capture anatomic details that often get missed. Digital scanning can detect implant angulation, negating the need for a physical implant analog and other components. Digital restorative solutions like CAD/CAM milling or printing can be a life changer to give your patients the smile of their dreams. 

Digital workflow for full mouth rehabilitation cases-

Going digital can also beat conventional analog techniques for full mouth rehabilitation. Virtual planning and digital mock-ups are completed quickly and efficiently. Provisionalization can also be standardized using CAD/CAM workflow.

Export quality crowns and bridges-

Our crown and bridge work is a reliable, durable, profitable practice solution. Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Milling Zirconia blanks with or without hand layering, and Digitally designed and milled temporaries are a few to name latest production techniques that give ASD an edge over the other labs. We strongly believe digital technology makes our work stand out and raise up to the international standards making them truly export quality. 

Making the digital switch can be extremely beneficial. ADE guides the clinicians through every step for faster and quality output, effectively making you more confident about your treatment. Our restorations are built to last, unlike many other dental service providers. We have generated ground-breaking new digital solutions and materials for dental labs over the past ten years that have been demonstrated to constantly raise revenues, drive efficiencies, and increase profits for dentists.